Beautiful Dresses and a Welcome Mat

What do these two have to do with each other?

At Lucy Franco, we specialize in providing elegant eye-catching dresses for proms, weddings, quinceaneras, first communions or other important events in a warm, welcoming environment. We do this because we know how meaningful these life events are for you and your family!

Some of these women who walk into our store never actually tried on one of our type of dresses before –it always seemed too formal, somehow.

When we say we put out a welcome mat for customers, what we mean is that when you come in off of the street, we are happy to see you and work with you proactively to help you reach your goals. We want you to be comfortable!

Even most people who have never going dress shopping are familiar with the ‘snooty dress saleswoman’ – someone who makes people feel inferior and ‘protects’ the store from customers. It’s common fodder for a tv sitcom, but it unfortunately happens in real life, too!

That is 100% the worst way to go about selling dresses that we've ever heard of, and it's really completely mean and also very shortsighted.

If you want to make a business in formal wear, you simply can't afford to turn away customers, but at the same time – money isn't everything. It's also a matter of doing what's right.

Why would you create a business if you didn't want to welcome people? Why would you spend all the money and go through all the effort to create a sale space and then try to protect it from people?

Anyway, when you visit our shop, you'll see the opposite in play. We love to dialogue with shoppers and get to know them, see what they're about, see what they're looking for and then help them out.

It's not high-pressure sales at all – it's just plain common sense and friendliness. We outfit our teams with the best stock, the best tools, and a nice, comfortable environment, because we believe in doing formal wear right.

Our staff love what they're doing. They love the elegant appeal of these unique dresses – the long, flared floral patterns and chic modernist designs and all of the merchandise that truly makes our customers look magnificent. But they also love dealing with people, because in our business, that's just a basic job requirement!

Come in and see us, and we’ll be happy to see you. Our knowledgeable staff will talk fitting and style and brand all day, because we are really into formal wear, but we’re also into helping our customers out. That’s the best way to run a dress shop – and to us, it’s the only way! Hear some of our satisfied customers discuss their experiences on the web site – and then come out and see us!

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