4 Life Events When You Need Lucy Franco Style

From the moment they are born, there are many great moments with your daughter that you want to preserve forever. Starting in their teenage years, there are several moments when your daughter will want a dress that's extra special to mark the occasion. You only get one shot at forging perfect memories, so she's going to need a fabulous outfit, and Lucy Franco has clothing that's up to the challenge. Here are four life events when you need for Lucy Franco style for you and your daughter.


Every birthday is unique since you never turn the same age twice. But of all the birthdays that deserve special attention, a girl's 15th birthday is particularly important to Latina women. If you had to explain quinceaneras to someone who had never heard of them, you could say they are a coming of age ceremony that marks the change from being a girl to a young woman. Many Latin American families host huge parties and formal events for their daughters' quinceaneras. If you want to be the belle of the ball, Lucy Franco has a line of formal dresses designed for quinceaneras. Quinceaneras are a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make sure you get a dress she loves.


Some events are so momentous that they will stand out in your mind in the future. Though most adults may struggle to remember the day-to-day activities of high school, they will remember their prom. Proms are a vital part of the experience of growing up in America. Finding the right dress is part of the fun for most girls. If you're looking for something that will wow family and friends, Lucy Franco has the prom dress for you. We have a large selection of dresses in a variety of colors. All with designs that are elegant, formal, and fun. Getting the right prom dress is so important because your daughter will be taking photos all night long, some by professional photographers who will be at the event.


High school is the point in life when your kids start learning to be adults. They will navigate new social orders, acquire new skills, and learn how to dress for formal situations. Homecoming events and dances are often the first time teenagers get dressed up for a formal occasion with their friends. Naturally, homecoming events give girls a chance to express their individual style while looking their best. Lucy Franco has homecoming dresses that are beautiful, stylish, and appropriate. These are some of the first high-school memories that you will save forever with photographs, so you're going to want a dress complements your daughter's natural beauty.


If you’re lucky, your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event where you want to look better than ever have before. Lucy Franco creates stunning wedding dresses with the same talent and sense of fashion used to make our beautiful proms and quinceaneras pieces. We have many different dress type and variations, so you're sure to find something that fits your theme and style. It's your big day, so you want to look your best, and the memories you make will last forever. Your wedding will be saved in photographs and videos, so you want to find a dress with timeless beauty.

Whatever kind of event you’re planning, Lucy Franco has a dress for you. Be sure to browse our store and look at the entire collection. If you have questions about anything you see, send us a message online.

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